Conquest: Hadrian’s Divide (otherwise referred to as just Conquest, or CHD) is an action/combat game set in the time of the Roman occupation of Britain. The game is based on some events and historical facts from that period. However there have been some changes to allow for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

The game features two teams, which battle it out over the many included battlefields. Each team has a number of combat classes. Which keeps the gameplay fresh throughout.

Conquest HD Background

The game follows the story of the division of Britannia (now known as England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, or collectively as the United Kingdom). The Roman Emperor Hadrian ordered the construction of a large wall, to protect the roman settlers in the south from the ‘barbaric’ raiders in the north.

Truth be told, the Romans are actually the invading force in this story. The native Britons, (also known as the Celts) once lived in tribal collections across the islands. However the Roman Invasion left much of the islands in the Roman’s control. The Celts moved towards the north, and began planning their next moves.

Conquest is an Indie (or independent) game project, and it is being developed by the team of Crystal Core. A predominantly UK based game development team, who work via the internet. Some members are located in other countries, such as the United States, Canada, and Mainland Europe.